Career coaching & Career Counseling

Career coaching & Career Counseling

Our career coaching programs help you through each part of the application process and are supported by our large team of highly experienced international professionals.

Our career counseling programs also help you to develop your business knowledge, which will not only form an essential part in helping you to get a top internship or job offer but will also be the basis for a great career, wherever you are.

Cross-cultural Training

Cross-cultural Training

If you are a US company hoping to break into a rapidly accelerating Chinese market, chances are you could benefit from our training services.


Our team of bilingual experts can draw on experience and vast international networks to help ensure your path is smooth, efficient and cost-effective.



The recruitment of bilingual Chinese professionals for companies looking to establish business operations in China or wishing to build upon existing China business ventures.


If you think you have what it takes to get to the top, get in touch today.

Business consulting

Business consulting

Breaking into China is an intricate affair for US companies and one that requires in-depth knowledge.


At Mandarin Consulting, our cross-cultural business consultants have the right experience and bilingual business skills, as well as trusted networks in both the US and China.


March 15 – Top LinkedIn Tips to Optimize Your Job Search

Time: 8pm EST Join us for an exclusive webinar co-hosted by our senior coaches Vicki Aubin and Justin Garrido on the topic of LinkedIn. In the webinar you can expect to learn the following and more: Ways of finding job opportunities on LinkedIn Guide on building your LinkedIn profile Building relationships and managing contacts Suggestions on writing […]

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March 29 Industry-Specific Webinar – Finance

Time: 8pm EST What Will You Learn? The industry-specific webinars are designed specifically to provide professional insights on a range of industries that are most popular among Chinese international students. Through such webinars, you will be able to learn about the career prospects, job vacancies, responsibilities and the qualifications required in specific industries. Industry-specific webinars also […]

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Mandarin Consulting delivers expert coaching support to help students gain job and internship opportunities in the US, UK, China and beyond since 2007.

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Our Success Stories

As I did not have any internship experiences, but did have a lot of university debating experience, my CV was not very balanced.

MC helped me a lot in revising it, including adjusting the layout and polishing the language. During my interview at the United Nations, my interviewer even commented that, of all the CVs he had seen, mine was very impressive!

M. Chen

M. Chen


I only started applying for jobs after finishing my Master’s degree, when I only had 2 months’ left on my visa. But, this was not an excuse to not try and get a job.

I followed coaches’ instructions and advice thoroughly, utilised my coaching sessions fully, did my homework and asked many questions. It is never too early, nor too late. The coaches were really great, they gave me so much help and encouragement!

J. He

J. He


A Successful Exclusive Mandarin Consulting Event

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