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简历就该这么写 – 一份简历展现你的全方面技能

简历就该这么写 – 一份简历展现你的全方面技能


突出你和他人合作的工作经验。有些同学会把teamwork skill和监督他人的工作经验混淆,虽然两者都是working in a team,后者属于leadership而非team player。

If They Are Looking For Team Player


• Increased email click-through rate by 20% by collaborating closely with other members of design team
• Partnered with 6 other employees to plan and execute a 200-person corporate retreat
• Increased coding accuracy by 15% by using pair programming technique

关键字:Work with, collaborate, partner, participate, merge, unite, contribute, develop relationships with

If They Are Looking For a Leader



• Onboarded, trained, and oversaw 5 new employees in the analytics department
• Gave presentation on effective communication processes to 60-person company
• Mentored 3 PR interns, continuing the relationship after they returned to school
• Implemented new time management software system and taught 10 employees how to use it
• Supervised 4 direct reports

关键字:Facilitate, manage, supervise, teach, direct, delegate, mediate, recruit, advise, administer, moderate, instruct, guide, counsel, coach, arbitrate, liaise, coordinate, inspire, influence

If They Are Looking For Someone Who Is Able to Multi-Task

这是一个让你显示你是万能干将的机会。想想你多次需要同一时间身兼万职的时候 – 其实天天都是如此,不是吗?表现出你能够在同一时间处理多项任务能够让你的雇主对临危不乱、沉着稳定的特性更有信心。


• Planned and launched 3 simultaneous employee engagement programs, resulting in a 20% increase in reported employee satisfaction
• Answered 40+ calls per day while helping in-store customers and maintaining area cleanliness
• Identified and solved 20+ customer queries each week while researching and resolving payment discrepancies

关键字:Prioritize, expedite, organize, manage, multitask, dynamic environment, high-volume

If They Are Looking For a Strong Communicator



• Interacted with approximately 50 customers per day, improving their experience through warm, friendly demeanor, and eagerness to answer questions
• Negotiated partnerships with 4 new clients, helping company establish a strong position in emerging market
• Rewrote onboarding process for overseas contract workers, a 100-page document used to train approximately 500 employees each year
• Kept 10-member sales team focused and motivated by giving 15-minute weekly speech

关键字: Compose, write, present, speak, interview, lobby, persuade, negotiate, author, discuss, interface, clarify, articulate

If They Are Looking For an Analytical Thinker

举一个你曾经做过的logical decision的例子,又或是与data相关的经验。


• Saved company $10,000 by logging and reviewing weekly employee pay logs and investigating pay discrepancies
• Developed and managed $500K budget for commercial activities, prioritizing key investments to meet in-market revenue forecast
• Designed and implemented A/B testing, using results to increase user engagement by 40%

If They Are Looking For a Self-Starter

想几个关于主动并且成功完成一个项目的例子。总的来说,看重“self-motivated,” “driven,” “passionate,” 或 “self-directed”的公司希望知道你不需要主管时刻监督你,并且会愿意承担职责外的工作。


• Took the initiative to form Facebook page for store’s employees, improving internal communication and teamwork
• Proactively reached out to clients when their orders were going to be late, reducing number of canceled orders by 20%
• Volunteered on company Employee Success team; independently planned 6 quarterly events for employees

关键字:Independently, anticipate, identify/res