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Cathay Association For International Business Launch Dinner

Cathay Association For International Business Launch Dinner

The 23rd February 2016 saw the launch the Cathay Association for International Business in central London, with key-note speaker Richard Graham MP, Conservative MP for Gloucester and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary China Group.

Over a Chinese banquet, founding Chairman, Carrie Waley, expressed her gratitude to all the guests for supporting the formation of this new and exciting not-for-profit organisation. Carrie, having seen a clear gap in the market, felt obliged to heed to the needs of the Chinese student population and created Cathay Association to serve that purpose.

Carrie explained that Cathay Association for International Business is a member based organisation to provide a ‘home’ where Chinese students can learn about and develop their interest and knowledge of the UK to help them integrate better into British society. It also looks to provide insight into the professional world, to inspire its members to look for opportunities outside of their immediate circle. Finally, it is a place for the non-Chinese interested in China to meet like-minded people to further bilateral relations between our two countries.

Speaking at the reception, Richard Graham MP pointed out that relationships between countries start with government to government, then move to business to business, and finally people to people. This is the very important stage that is taking place between China and the UK at present, and it is this people to people relationship that secures better understanding and futures for both countries.

Representatives from leading international firms, including HSBC and PWC, attended the dinner, as well as representatives from the Chinese student community and other China related organisations such as the Hong Kong Society and Chopsticks Club. Guests expressed their pleasure at an ‘inspired evening’ with one Chinese business professional expressing their feelings of regret that such an organisation didn’t exist when they were an ambitious student.