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Mandarin Consulting Edinburgh Cocktail Party

Mandarin Consulting Edinburgh Cocktail Party

In collaboration with Laing, the oldest family jewellers in Scotland, Mandarin Consulting hosted a fabulous cocktail party at their prestigious showroom in Edinburgh on Friday the 13th of May. Despite the looming date, our students were treated to an opulent selection of champagne and canapes, all whilst surrounded by glimmering diamonds worth millions. It was truly a taste of something very special.

The theme of the party was about ‘How to tell your story’. In the west, when customers are looking for a piece of jewellery, they consider more than just the material, Craftsmanship.

In a similar sense, employers look beyond the superficial skills and qualifications of a potential candidate. When looking for the right person to fill the job vacancy, employers need to find out what kind of person the candidate is. Through interviews and assessment days, employers are able to dig deeper and get to discuss the journey a candidate has taken in order to gain their skills and experience, and understand what kind of character they have.

Whilst Laing takes rough stones from far flung places and polishes them into beautiful diamonds, Mandarin Consulting does the same with ambitious students so that they can shine as truly confident and capable professionals in any workplace they choose to pursue.