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Mandarin Consulting Holds “Overcoming Cultural Barriers” Seminar for Chinese Students and Recent Graduates

Mandarin Consulting Holds “Overcoming Cultural Barriers” Seminar for Chinese Students and Recent Graduates

On Thursday evening, August 23, MCI held an educational seminar in our NYC office for students and recent graduates looking to further their understanding of the challenges faced by international students in pursuing careers within the United States.

Amy-Louise Goldberg, U.S. Vice President, Head of Coaching and Talent Management at Mandarin Consulting and a veteran MCI Coach, gave an information-packed presentation on cross-cultural challenges and solutions entitled “Mandarin Consulting: A Pathway to Success.” Attendee engagement and response were excellent and highlighted by many follow-up questions, with attendees remaining after the event had ended to speak with the MCI team.

After the formal presentation, Amy-Louise interviewed a current MCI candidate who has succeeded in landing several desirable job offers. These include both summer internship and full-time roles, which occurred while she was being coached by MCI.  In obtaining her current position with a multi-billion-dollar global company, this new NYU grad gives much of the credit to the professional coaching she has received from MCI. The interviewee spoke candidly about how both her level of self-awareness and her skills have grown over the past 18 months.

The last part of the evening’s program was to award a free 30-minute mock interview with Amy-Louise to a lucky student. This prize affords a student the opportunity to better understand the U.S. interview process, to uncover his/her areas of strength, to identify areas of weakness and provide the opportunity for improvement and to ultimately build his/her confidence in advance of a true interview situation.

All in all, the standing-room-only event drew 27 attendees. Students from all over the NY metro area networked, enjoyed snacks and chatted with our consultants, Amy-Louise and other MCI team members.