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Mandarin Consulting CEO Conducts Exclusive Interview with US New Coach

Mandarin Consulting CEO Conducts Exclusive Interview with US New Coach

On Monday, April 8, 2019, Mandarin Consulting CEO Carrie Waley interviewed Ian Gallagher, a corporate finance executive, independent consultant and recent addition to the MC U.S. Coaching team, in the Mandarin Consulting NYC US Flagship office.

Zachary Wang, Global Career Consultant and Amy-Louise Goldberg, U.S. Vice President and Head of Coaching and Talent Management, kicked off the afternoon event by welcoming the students and Global Career Consultants in attendance and introducing Carrie Waley, Mandarin Consulting Founder and CEO, who had traveled from London, UK, for the event.  Amy-Louise also introduced the group to Ian Gallagher, who spoke candidly about qualities and background needed to enter and succeed within major global financial organizations.



The energizing interview enabled those in attendance to learn from Ian’s impressive global financial services experience, which included executive-level Real Estate Investment Banking at Citibank and RBC Capital Markets, as well as independent advisory and asset management work. Ian shared insightful perspectives and helpful advice about how Chinese international students can successfully begin their careers within the financial field through building not only their “hard” skills, such as financial knowledge or Python, but also through honing and leveraging their “soft” or non-technical skills.



Ian commented, “the event demonstrated that Mandarin Consulting is uniquely positioned to address a significant need for students in their career aspirations.  I continue to be amazed by how qualified, dedicated, and passionate the Mandarin Consulting team is to their mission —they are all true leaders in the effort to help university students in their initial job search and their continuing career advancement to become Global Elite Leaders.  I was also highly impressed by the enthusiasm and curiosity of the prospective students, and I am thrilled to be a member of the Mandarin Consulting Global Elite coaching team!”

Following the event, Ian hosted an extensive Q & A session, remaining long afterward to respond to individual questions. The students in attendance eagerly sought out Ian’s guidance and expressed appreciation for his interview.



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