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Mandarin Consulting Launches New Cross-Cultural Business Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs

Mandarin Consulting Launches New Cross-Cultural Business Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs

New York, New York August 16, 2019. Today, Mandarin Consulting unveils its latest innovation, with the launch of a new coaching program, Business Coaching, reaching yet another milestone in its global mission to change people’s lives.

The new Business Coaching package Mandarin Consulting is introducing is a unique program of coaching and skill development to bridge the cultural divide, delivered by Mandarin Consulting’s Global Elite coaching team of professional and highly experienced Western Coaches. Business Coaching is available to business owners, entrepreneurs and those eager to enhance their practical business skills and cross-cultural awareness.

As global business opportunities increase, and the Chinese economy develops closer links with the rest of the world, ambitious Chinese professionals will need essential cross-cultural knowledge and skills to achieve business success. Mandarin Consulting’s highly skilled Global Elite coaching team has strong commercial expertise and expert thought leadership skills. The Coaches’ backgrounds encompass a wide scope of global, cross-cultural business experience, ranging from start-ups to large, global corporations, to deliver expert business coaching for clients seeking to achieve success. The business coaching will include individualized support and mentoring for business owners and entrepreneurs, to improve their business decision-making processes, reach personal and business goals, and address business challenges, to optimize opportunities and business growth.

Carrie Waley, Founder and CEO of Mandarin Consulting commented, “I’ve always been inspired by changing people’s lives. The true value of coaching during any professional’s career is indisputable, and I am delighted that at Mandarin Consulting, we can now offer business coaching programs for enthusiastic business professionals who want to achieve greatness in their careers. With the support of a Mandarin Consulting Coach, they can become the global elites of the future”.

Business Coaching provides Cross-Cultural Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs.

For more information, please visit https://www.mciworldwide.com


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Mandarin Consulting is the Global Elite coaching career industry leader, arguably offering the most comprehensive and effective cross-cultural career enhancement service for Chinese students, graduates and professionals. Mandarin Consulting’s mission is to change people’s lives. Our highly-experienced Western Coaches have helped thousands of ambitious Chinese students and graduates to secure positions in top-tier global firms and have further supported them as working professionals, towards achieving their career goals. Strategically based in the US, UK and China, Mandarin Consulting provides worldwide Global Elite coaching, enabling our clients to succeed in the highly competitive, global job market for internships and post-graduate employment, and to achieve their aspirations to become global elites.