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Mandarin Consulting US Holds Seminar for Chinese Students On-site at New York University (NYU)

Mandarin Consulting US Holds Seminar for Chinese Students On-site at New York University (NYU)

On Friday, September 27, 2019, Mandarin Consulting US held a highly informative seminar for current NYU students entitled “Career Opportunities for Future Chinese Global Elites and NYU Alumni Offer Holders Share Their MCI Experience!”

The event was presented by Mandarin Consulting US Vice President, Head of Coaching and Talent Management, Amy-Louise Goldberg.  In addition, Consultant Johanna Zhang from the NYC Flagship Office moderated a live panel composed of two NYU Alumni Offer Holders, Xiaoyue (Camellia) Xiang and Minzhao (Michelle) Liu, who shared insights into how receiving global elite coaching from Mandarin Consulting fostered their success in obtaining recent job offers, for a marketing internship with Supersmile and a consulting project internship with Accenture, respectively.



Amy-Louise commented, “The presentation and subsequent dialogue with NYU students provided a valuable opportunity for aspiring professionals to appreciate the critical importance of cross-cultural understanding, business skills and knowledge and practical application skills as crucial foundations to their success in obtaining a desirable offer and then becoming global elites (global business leaders) in an established Western or global company.”



Following the stimulating Offer Holder panel interview, led by Johanna in Mandarin, Amy-Louise addressed important questions and offered invaluable insight on topics including: “How can I quickly identify my career path?,” “What is the most important information you need to know about a company before interviewing with it?,” “What skills do most companies need or value from new graduates?,” “When should I start to prepare if I want to apply for 2020 summer internship?” and “How can I distinguish myself as being ‘outstanding’ during an interview?” 



Students in attendance were highly engaged in the seminar, asking complex questions during the Q & A portion of the afternoon and speaking directly with Amy-Louise, NYC Regional Manager Alan Kelso, Johanna, the Alumni Offer Holders and several additional MC US NYC Office Consultants long after the event formally ended.

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