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Mandarin Consulting US Holds Seminar for Chinese Students On-site at Columbia University

Mandarin Consulting US Holds Seminar for Chinese Students On-site  at Columbia University

On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 19, 2020, Mandarin Consulting (MCI) held a highly informative seminar for current Columbia students entitled “Self-Actualize through Becoming a Global Elite!,” which was sponsored by the Columbia University International Students’ Psychology Association. Some students from other local universities, including NYU, also attended.

The event was presented by Mandarin Consulting U.S. Coach Ian Gallagher, with additional contributions from U.S. Vice President, Head of Coaching and Talent Management, Amy-Louise Goldberg. Zach Wang from Mandarin Consulting organized the seminar and acted as the Master of Ceremonies, with Consultants Rebecca Wang and Johanna Zhang also meeting with students afterward to provide greater insight during the reception.

In Ian’s words, “The presentation and subsequent dialogue helped the students to identify some of the hidden challenges that had been undermining their efforts to obtain desirable job offers. More importantly, the students learned that developing the skills and tools we discussed regarding cross-cultural understanding, business skills and knowledge, and practical application skills would not only help them achieve the near-term milestone of landing a good job,but also would help them progress towards the ultimate goal of becoming Global Elite.”

Following the formal presentation, during which time Ian highlighted the parallels between the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid and Mandarin Consulting’s pyramid demonstrating the steps needed to become a global elite, Ian and Amy-Louise led an extensive, interactive Q & A session, responding to a variety of questions from the 55+ standing-room-only students in attendance. Queries ranged from networking tips, including how to build relationships with senior-level individuals, to ways to present oneself most effectively at an industry event and the pros and cons of starting one’s career in a large vs. small company environment.

Students in attendance were highly focused during the seminar and the Q & A, also remaining long after these portions were completed to pose additional, specific questions of Ian and Amy-Louise. The organization’s President remarked on the visible level of interaction, volunteering with a smile to Amy-Louise that she could tell that “the students were highly engaged.”

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