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4.13.22 H-1B Recipients are (Well-deserved) High Wage Earners!

4.13.22 H-1B Recipients are (Well-deserved) High Wage Earners!

Dear Students,


A positive update for those of you pursuing H-1Bs!


Based on new research (please see below), it’s recently become transparent that individuals being awarded H1-B’s are not the “cheap labor” that some US program critics have claimed. Instead, the 85,000 applicants who are fortunate enough to do so annually have turned out to be in the top 10% of US wage-earners!


Clearly, H-1B recipients are well-deserving of their status and compensation, as such awardees provide specialized expertise which the US very much needs to be competitive globally.


This study is also good news for you in another way – it shows that you stand to quickly become high wage-earners, which is no doubt appreciated – and also well-deserved – after your extensive investment of time, money and effort. Wherever you choose to work after your H-1B period, whether continuing on in the US for another 3 years, returning to China or moving to another country, you will be starting from a high salary level with respect to your peer group.