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8.16.22 Today’s Engineering Career Insights, from and other Sources

8.16.22 Today’s Engineering Career Insights, from and other Sources
 Dear Students,


Are you one of the 4.54M U.S.-based students entering the engineering field (latest figures: 2019) following graduation? Are you a bit unsure about which engineering path makes the most sense for you?


The article immediately below provides some useful insight on such questions:



For Mechanical Engineers alone, there are a range of options available:


And there are a great many strong choices for Software Engineers, as well:


Essentially, engineering is a multi-faceted field providing a wide skew of possible career directions.


It’s important for you to recognize, of course, that advancement in this space requires more than simply technical skills, (which are admittedly the most obvious) since leadership in hi-tech fields, as you may know, also necessitates strong communication skills, including listening, collaboration/teamwork, problem-solving, conflict resolution, influence and persuasion (among others) and a host of other power skills like initiative and innovation.


If you are pursuing such areas, make sure you learn about how critical it is to develop this balance, so you can attain success in even such analytically-focused fields.