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11.10.2023 Today’s Insights from Harvard Business Review: The Importance of Judgment in the Age of AI

11.10.2023 Today’s Insights from Harvard Business Review: The Importance of Judgment in the Age of AI
Dear Students,
We’ll continue to address ongoing discussions among experts about the “human” contribution in the Age of AI. Yet, spoiler alert – people like you do and will continue to play a critical role in the process of leveraging technology to create business value. Some good news? You will actually be empowered to do so in a variety of ways (including new careers being created as we speak).
In this particular piece from Harvard Business Review, the writers focus on the importance of human judgment. And, in their words, “…as we travel [through] technological leaps forward, there’s still a fundamental, longstanding capability every organization will need to realize AI’s true potential: judgment.”  The three Capgemini professionals highlight the work of Alessandro Di Fiore, the former Chairman of HBR Italia, who wrote that “As AI gets more accessible to all employees, judgment [will] become as crucial as any technical skill.”
Judgment is meaningful within the Age of AI in three primary domains, Di Fiore argued: Access (who/what has permission to make critical decisions), “Exercise of Judgment” (developing a flexible point of view that adapts to changing circumstances) and Control (the systems or processes in place to oversee or check decisions).
As ambitious international students like you join global firms and undertake responsibilities, bot within and at the helm of key projects, you must recognize that one can never “hand challenges off” to tools and simply forward query results to leadership. Judgment is indeed required in a myriad of ways, for example in framing business problems in technology-digestible terms and in interpreting outputs to assess potentially useful insights, to name just a few.
While the impact of AI is just beginning to be felt, our Mandarin Consulting coaches are here to help you to identify and learn to communicate about meaningful use cases that showcase your judgment to premier organizations. You must remember that, as noted above, your ability to demonstrate strong judgment, critical thinking and analytical skills, which are “just as crucial as any technical skill,”  will elevate you from among your peers.