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19.10.2023 Today’s Insights from Sixth Tone: Increasing Interest in Coaching Within China

19.10.2023 Today’s Insights from Sixth Tone: Increasing Interest in Coaching Within China
Dear Students,
It’s not uncommon to hear from you or your peers that coaching – and personal development – were unfamiliar concepts while growing up in China. With increasing influence from the West, though, coaching is slowly becoming better known abroad. While Chinese interest in the potential benefits of using a coach is rising, it’s clear from the piece below that there remains a lot of confusion over the different types of coaching in existence, what each style consists of, which kinds of professionals should provide coaching and even whether coaching is beneficial.
We encourage you and your friends to peruse this article, (from the state-owned English-language publication the Sixth Tone, which purports to represent reporting that “extends beyond traditionally-reported items in Anglophone media)” with a wide lens, and, while recognizing an increased interest in the types of services that Western coaching can provide in China, to notice a murky distinction among life coaching, personal development coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching services.
Just a few years ago, life coaching was a tiny industry in China. But the profession is now rapidly going mainstream.
While the net message of the article is that some Chinese are beginning to gain awareness of the potential benefits of enlisting a coach, there is a concerning lack of consistency and rigor in China within this field. As the writers of this piece highlight, “…the industry in China is still immature: Regulation is loose, coaches often lack experience, and clients are frequently unsure what they want to gain from their consultations. In many cases, this limits what coaches are able to achieve.” 
What does this mean for you, with respect to your coaching at Mandarin Consulting International? The great news is that with growing foundational understanding of how individual coaching can be useful, you can now have an even better appreciation for the distinctive benefits that our personal and professional development program can provide to ambitious Chinese international students like you and your friends.
Some of the unique benefits provided to aspiring talent like you, through our 16+year-old global Mandarin Consulting service:
  • Coaches who:
    • have built successful, progressive careers within major Western/global firms, and thus can leverage this experience to enlighten students on competencies necessary to do so
    • have developed and nurtured young talent over time, to support their growth, insight and confidence, and enjoy doing so
    • have been selected partially on the basis of their excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal
    • personally exhibit Western “power skill” behaviors, including initiative, innovative thinking, strong listening, leadership, teamwork, analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
    • are personally committed to continuous learning, open to feedback and curious about new ways to build and hone their skills, maintaining commercial awareness
    • are empathic towards and sensitive to the challenges of study abroad and beginning one’s career in the West
    • have lived, worked and/or studied abroad, reflecting cross-cultural awareness
    • demonstrate a sense of humor and perspective when working with sometimes very young students
  • A comprehensive learning program which:
    • provides a proven, well-organized framework to foster cross-cultural awareness and communication, business skills and knowledge and pragmatic job application skills
    • is customized to the specific needs of each of you and your friends
    • is flexible in execution and adaptable to individual candidate interests and outside commitments
    • is carefully structured so as to support motivated and ambitious international students like you
    • is goal-driven and outcome-oriented, extending beyond simply “finding a job”
    • provides for a trusted, confidential relationship with a personal coach
    • is holistic, in both developing you and in launching your profession
    • is extensive enough to support students like you through dozens or even hundreds of personal coaching hours
    • plans for common setbacks and failures, while coaching you on resilience and redirection, if needed
    • includes resume editing from coaches who have hired thousands of young professionals like you
    • leverages coach knowledge of major Western practices and techniques in interview coaching sessions
From the lists above, it’s clear that any ambitious Chinese international student (that means you!) will gain tremendous benefit from our distinctive and carefully-crafted offerings. If any question about the depth or value of our program ever arises, be sure to remind yourself, as an ambitious international student, of how powerfully our coaching program changes lives around the globe, and has done so for thousands of young professionals like you, for many years now.