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26.10.2023 Today’s Insights from CNBC – The Power of “Tell Me More…” in Building Relationships

26.10.2023 Today’s Insights from CNBC – The Power of “Tell Me More…” in Building Relationships
Dear Students,
At first glance, it might seem to a job applicant like you as if using the phrase “tell me more...” at an event, in an informational interview or within a live interview would be an invitation for your conversational partner to simply ramble on further about things that have already been discussed. And yet, as this piece points out, it’s actually a small, while deceptively powerful, request.
“Tell me more….”
  • Invites sharing, which builds trust and rapport
  • Demonstrates curiosity, which conveys true interest and invites empathy
  • Highlights a “continuous learning” mindset
  • Communicates that the conversational partner is important enough to an ambitious international student like you that s/he genuinely wants to hear more of his/her thoughts
  • Reflects generosity of spirit vs “pushing your perspective”
  • “Supports” the speaker’s topic(s) of interest, vs “shifting” the focus of the conversation back to you (as mentioned in the article)
  • Shows that you are truly interested in listening, and potentially validating the speaker’s views, rather than simply awaiting your turn to make a new point
Matt Abrahams, the Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer who wrote this article, wisely also notes that “Tell me more” is akin to other “open-ended questions,” such as several noted in the CNBC piece, which foster both greater learning and caring between two people. In this Age of AI, you need to know that our major strength as humans, “vs technology”, is our humanity. Our ability to forge authentic relationships. Our ability to emote. Our ability to care.
As ambitious international students like you who are being coached by MCI undoubtedly know, MCI coaches frequently use some variation of this technique to draw out students like you, to learn more about your feelings and views (and to help you to build your English-speaking skills, of course).
Our coaches demonstrate such inquisitiveness and coach you to take the initiative to be a continuous learner – not simply about facts, figures and trends – but also about individuals relating to your career, industry experts, etc., what they value and how they have built their perspectives. Aspiring talent like you and your friends who can do so deftly, when conversing with more experienced professionals, will be surprised to find out just how impressed your fellow conversationalists really are by your interest, consideration and receptivity!