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30.10.2023 Today’s Insights from 7 Careers Combining Healthcare and Technology

30.10.2023 Today’s Insights from 7 Careers Combining Healthcare and Technology
Dear Students,
Are you eager to combine a bent toward technology with a passion for the healthcare field? The article that follows, which provides options for doing so, comes from a 15-year-old newsletter called Techloy, which describes itself as a “technology company operating in the media industry.” Techloy “publishes information about companies, products, careers and finance in the technology industry across emerging markets globally.” (For more on Techloy, please see:
Techloy, which boasts 114K monthly users, describes a generous handful of careers that will appeal to ambitious international students like you who are pursuing healthcare-related roles with room for continual growth and development, and which may interest new grads like you or your friends who favor less-commonly-taken opportunities and career paths. The 7 roles mentioned include:
  • Health Informatics Specialist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Telemedicine Specialist
  • Health IT Consultant
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Health App Developer
  • Clinical Systems Analyst
With the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting higher growth in the health care/social assistance sector than in any other over the next decade, and constituting some 45.1% of all new jobs, aspiring healthcare professionals like you or your friends will want to at least consider integrating your skills, passion and technical knowledge within one of these evolving fields.
Many healthcare workers are actually on the lookout for a pathway into the world of technology or a way to integrate their healthcare expertise with a tech role. It’s like they’re seeking the best of both worlds. If you’re one of those healthcare workers who dream of combining your healthcare
As the writers conclude, “By bridging the gap between healthcare and tech, these roles empower individuals to make a difference in shaping the future of healthcare and improving the well-being of patients.” The emphasis, here, should be on “empowering individuals” – as with any technology-driven trajectory, candidates like you, who are exploring such areas, will continue to benefit from MCI’s thoughtful navigation, coaching and gentle reinforcement that your most memorable contributions will always be the “human” elements you apply within your work – before, during and after the use of technology – and that as the level of technical sophistication in your projects grows, so must your sensitivity to the experience of users, both internal and external, as well. Isn’t this what healthcare is all about?