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03.05.2024 Today’s Insights from the InHerSight Blog: How Candidates Can Voice Contradictory Opinions at Work

03.05.2024 Today’s Insights from the InHerSight Blog: How Candidates Can Voice Contradictory Opinions at Work
Dear Students,
Sometimes, the most anxiety-provoking aspect of being an ambitious international student (in your words) is simply being different. Feeling different, pronouncing English differently, seeing the world through a different lens, and no doubt thinking differently.
Yet, as experienced international professionals, our coaches and team know that candidates like you will need to overcome fears related to being different, and especially concern about being judged, if for no other reason than to master the essential skill of learning to communicate “different” views, by becoming “fluent” in sharing contradictory viewpoints at work.
“Why would I need to learn that?,” a harmony-seeking aspiring talent from the Far East (maybe even you!) might ask. At a basic level, doing so commands respect, and reflects mastery of a range of key Western values and power skills, including:
  • Self-awareness and commercial awareness, to develop a personal point-of-view (POV) on potentially-controversial issues (whether internal or external)
  • Confidence to express this POV among colleagues at various levels
  • Strong verbal communication skills in English, to do so effectively
  • Ability to collaborate with coworkers from diverse backgrounds who may have distinct perspectives
  • Listening skills and open-mindedness, to consider various angles on an issue
  • High self-esteem to “risk” that others may (and will!) disagree with your viewpoint, and the resilience to realize that such a disagreement will neither show lack of respect, nor end a professional relationship, if managed correctly (and it will likely be appreciated, if it advances the conversation)
  • Effective influencing and persuasion skills
  • Competency in initiating, conveying and negotiating a business case for your individual POV, informed by research, critical thinking and your personal analytical reasoning
With these benefits in mind, you’ll find that the following piece offers intriguing food for thought, with suggestions to consider while meeting with our coaches.

Here’s to being able to fully express yourself – confidently and to whomever you’d like – this evening!