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07.05.2024 Today’s Insights from New Opportunities within the Accounting Space

07.05.2024 Today’s Insights from New Opportunities within the Accounting Space
Dear Students,
Do you recall the last time a friend eagerly told you they were pursuing a career in accounting? That may be about to change.
From this fascinating article from Handshake, the most frequently-used job search site by US universities (boasting 15K+ active student users, 1,500 college/university partners, and 900K+ employers), the popularity of the accounting function (thought to have begun circa 200 BC in the Middle East) is growing.

Why?, you might wonder. For example, some candidates (perhaps even you!) may have previously perceived accountants as “bean-counters” and viewed accounting roles as monotonous, repetitive occupations. Yet, here is Handshake’s view:
“Over the past few years, several factors have converged to reignite interest in accounting and challenge the industry’s outdated reputation. Accounting firms and professionals are finding new ways to impact social issues such as climate change and economic equity. Cutting-edge technologies, including AI, are reshaping what accounting work looks like and what accountants can accomplish. At the same time, a new generation craving stability and security is recognizing the benefits of accounting careers. Accounting has a bright future, and Gen Z will play a major role in shaping its next chapter.”
When our coaches “add it all up,” they may well succeed in helping young professionals like you to recognize what a great fit your analytical and other power skills could be within an accounting career!