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16.05.2024 Today’s Inspiration from Christian Louboutin, from Black Pepper and Mint Lounge Magazines

16.05.2024  Today’s Inspiration from Christian Louboutin, from Black Pepper and Mint Lounge Magazines
Christian Louboutin - Greggy Chick Black - Mens Shoes - Size 45.5
Dear Students,
How many of you could name “Pantone 18,” otherwise known as “Chinese Red?” While not recognizing the color by its formal moniker, you’d probably know it at once from the bottom of Christian Louboutin shoes!
Louboutin, raised in France among three sisters, was not destined to become the billionaire he is today, however. In fact, he was expelled from school three times, for drawing shoes rather than studying!  From running away from home (and school) at 12, to exploring/living in a range of countries for inspiration, Louboutin ultimately found his passion in stilettos, became fortuitously inspired by red nail polish and took the plunge as a freelance designer before opening a Paris shoe salon in 1991. Yet, he wasn’t always on sure footing (sorry), actually leaving footwear for landscape design in the 1980s and later battling trademark litigation in the 2000s.
From launching his seminal shoe brand at the age of 27, Black Pepper Magazine (below) highlights how today, “Christian Louboutin has exemplified how to extend a luxury brand’s influence beyond its foundational product line to …generate an impressive $300 million in annual revenue. With a staggering 95% emanating from its iconic footwear, Louboutin has [also] diversified its offerings to include men’s luxury footwear, handbags, fragrances, and cosmetics, illustrating a keen understanding of market trends and consumer desires.”
Still, Louboutin’s focus on “style,” rather than “fashion” speaks to his understanding of, and commitment to, self-awareness, and the value of resilience, while consistently self-reflecting, listening to his inner voice and incorporating creativity to craft items of luxury and glamor. Louboutin himself highlights that “when you love what you do, it’s not difficult to wake up and head to work.”  A clear vision, willingness to take risks, leveraging passion into initiative and innovation, and dedicated efforts – they all add up to 120mm (4.72″) or more – in stiletto heels, of course.
Here’s to our coaches guiding ambitious international students like you – whether you are wearing men’s or women’s shoes – to reach your own personal heights, as well!