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07.06.2024 Today’s Insights on Careers in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) from and DealRoom

07.06.2024 Today’s Insights on Careers in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) from and DealRoom
Dear Students,
While the most frequent rumblings among aspiring professionals like you these days surround analytics and IT careers, financial paths still entice some new grads – perhaps even you?!. In fact, according to Poets&Quants for Undergrads, “Some 25% of graduates consider finance the top career sector, rising from No. 5 two years prior.”  For a “deep-dive” into the details of M&A options, please see the first article below. What’s more, for MCI candidates like you (who are typically pursuing non-MBA credentials), “…an MBA isn’t the only route into M&A,” as highlighted by Kison Patel, CEO and Founder of DealRoom, in the second article below.
While several different routes exist for interns/new grads (like you and your friends) who may be seeking to enter this demanding (yet lucrative) field, it’s clear from the two articles that follow that it’s not enough to simply get a degree in finance and have strong computer skills to build a successful trajectory in a global M&A role. For example, per DealRoom, below, it’s evident that skills like customer service, leadership, teamwork and project management are highly-valued in this arena, outside of the more obvious competencies like analytical skills, time management, working with diverse stakeholders and critical thinking. Due to the intense lifestyle, ambitious international students, like you, who may be considering entering this field, will also need to build organizational skills, a sense of humor, perspective and resilience, among other power skills.
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