Webinar: When Should you Start Looking for a Job? Start early, win big!

Date: 22 August 2018

Time:8/22/2018  3:00 PM EDT

What Will You Learn?

  • Employer recruiting timeline
  • Fall recruitment timeline
  • Spring recruitment timeline
  • Employers with early deadlines
  • Start as early as possible
  • Recruitment advise for new college/graduate students
  • Self-introduction and work experience
  • Overview of some common types of interviews in U.S. companies
  • Common mistakes Chinese International students make in Interviews
  • How to avoid these common mistakes and improve yourself
  • Challenges inherent for International Student in interview processes
  • How can I effectively communicate with interviewers?
  • What kinds of applicants are most impressive to you in an interview?
  • Coach’s personal experience as a recruiting leader

Information About the Speaker


Angela’s background includes 8 years’ experience working in the banking arena, beginning with the Commercial Management Training Program at NationsBank (now Bank of America).  With roles in commercial lending and private banking, Angela ultimately served as a Relationship Manager for the commercial division of a regional bank.

For several years, Angela’s banking career took her to Sydney, Australia, where she served as a Commercial and Real Estate Loan Underwriter, focusing on real estate finance and private banking for an international investment banking firm.

Leveraging an undergraduate business degree from Miami University in Ohio, Angela later moved to Shanghai, China, where she launched a proprietary export enterprise. Through an 11-year period in Shanghai, where her business continues to operate today, Angela learned to speak Mandarin and to develop deep insight into Chinese culture.

Complementing these experiences, Angela also lived in Singapore, where she worked as the Director of Client Services for an international Leadership Development firm.  Typical clients hailed from industries including finance, insurance, engineering and technology.

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