Webinar: How to tell your own story using data?

Date: 27 March 2019

Date: March 27, 2019

Time: 3:00 PM ET

Do you want to get your dream offer in the US?

Do you want to know why data storytelling is so important?

Do you want to know how to use data storytelling in the job search?

This is a FREE webinar you must not miss.

We are inviting MC Coach, Angela McDonald to share her expertise and provide tips on how to use data to tell your story.

Through the webinar, you will learn:

Through the webinar, you will learn:

  • Coach Background
  • Why do people like data?
  • How to Tell a Story with Data?
  • What is data storytelling and why is it so important?
  • How can I use data storytelling in my job search?
  • How canMandarConsulting help you?
  • Q&A