May 30 Industry Specific Webinar – Technology Consulting

Date: 30 May 2018

Time: 8pm EST

What Will You Learn?

The industry-specific webinars are designed specifically to provide professional insights on a range of industries that are most popular among Chinese international students. Through such webinars, you will be able to learn about the career prospects, job vacancies, responsibilities and the qualifications required in specific industries.

Industry-specific webinars also provide an opportunity for real-time interaction with our American coaching team. You will be able to learn about the Coaches’ experience and career progression and apply it to their career planning and job application process.


Information About the Speaker

Rina Sahay

Rina is a credentialed and experienced career coach who has worked with hundreds of individuals from C-suite to entry-level positions across multiple industries.
Rina has over 25 years of industry experience and began her career as a Systems Analyst at Ford Motor Company, having graduated from the management trainee program. Following this, Rina moved to management consulting, first with PA Consulting, then PricewaterhouseCoopers (now IBM Consulting), consulting across numerous industries from financial services to government. She has also worked as a General Manager of a start-up and a consultant and advisor to the senior teams of large blue chip organizations. Following her industry experience, Rina turned to coaching with the Institute of Women Entrepreneurs and has continued ever since.