Oct 25 Industry webinar- Marketing

Date: 25 October 2017

Time: 8pm EDT


What Will You Learn?

The industry-specific webinars are designed specifically to provide professional insights on a range of industries that are most popular among Chinese international students. Through such webinars, you will be able to learn about the career prospects, job vacancies, responsibilities and the qualifications required in specific industries.

  • Brief description of the industry you are working in, in terms of current trends, past history and expected future developments.
  • Why you enjoy working in this industry.
  • What competencies your industry (and your company, if you are still working within this industry) are seeking from international graduates (specifically Chinese graduates).
  • What are the “key success factors” for those who excel within this industry?
  • Please describe some common mistakes made by applicants (within both the application and interview processes) in your experience of helping companies to recruit.
  • What is the typical career path for new graduates working in your industry?
  • What might be some additional options (“the path less taken”) that could be explored within the industry by new graduates?
  • Are there any advantages and/or disadvantages of being a Chinese person (vs an American, or someone from another culture) entering this industry within the U.S. job market at this time?
  • Why might international students benefit from/need a professional career coaching service? (Share examples regarding cultural obstacles /different values in American international corporations.)
  • What resources have proven most useful to you in building industry knowledge?
  • The fundamentals of US interview preparation and resume writing


Information About the Speaker

Shannon Doyle

Shannon is a tenacious, dynamic, creative marketing executive with a proven track record in building strategic marketing plans for Financial, CPG, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Cable Networks and Providers. With extensive experience in both traditional and digital marketing practices, she has been helping clients such as Bank of America, Comcast, Time Warner, Turner Broadcast, Wal-Mart, Discover, Philips Norelco, and Clorox Companies for 15 plus years.

Shannon has worked for advertising agencies as well as marketing departments of large US organizations. Throughout her career she has been mentoring and coaching recent college graduates as well as senior level team members to produce highly effective marketing teams.  Her passion is helping individuals understand their full potential and talents within complex organizations.

Shannon holds a BA from Kent State University and MFA from Ohio University and has been living and working in and around New York City her entire career. She looks forward to bringing this experience to clients at Mandarin to help them unlock their future.