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Abigail Anding

Abigail has had a very successful career in the field of Human Resources. She spent most of her career working her way up through the ranks at the BBC, where she progressed to Human Resources and Development Manager, managing a team of 33 Senior HR Managers. Whilst leading her team, she also implemented new organizational structures and job roles for many parts of the business, as well as managing necessary reductions in headcount. After the BBC, Abigail moved on as HR Manager for DGMT Plc., a global media organisation, after which she became HR Client Partner at Kingston University.

Following this experience, she turned her professional expertise to coaching executives in all areas of professional life including team performance, leadership skills, work place behavior management, career management and progression. She has coached professionals from a wide range of businesses including Prudential Plc, HSBC, The Disney Company, NHS, BT and Talk Talk. These high flying executives have benefited from Abigail’s expertise and now she is looking forward to advancing the careers of our young Chinese candidates at Mandarin Consulting.