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Caitlin O’Toole - COACH

Caitlin O’Toole

Caitlin has many years of experience ranging across business operations, including supply chain and logistics, mergers and acquisitions, system integrations, product sourcing, forecasting demand, procurement, negotiating contracts, inventory controls and audit, and supply chain distribution. Her expertise also includes network strategy mapping and partnering with sales teams.

Within Stryker, a $20B Fortune 500 medical device company, Caitlin has held several leadership positions, where she has guided large teams and developed talent from a wide range of countries, including China. Within this context, Caitlin led the global strategy for Plastic Injection Molding, negotiated $120M in spending and created a $20M pipeline of cost reduction initiatives. She also acted as a Global Communications Lead during the pandemic, driving a $300M+ increase in 2021 cashflow.

In heading both sourcing and distribution teams, Caitlin was awarded the national 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars earlier in her career with Thomasnet, North America’s #1 multinational industrial sourcing platform, and the Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM), for her sourcing work in 2015, which yielded a $2M supply chain savings.

Caitlin, who is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, also has a Bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA, while having attained a Black Belt certification for Internal Communications, which she received from Gartner. During college, Caitlin studied in Florence, Italy.