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Doug Fancher

Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from Rhodes College and received his MBA in International Finance from The University of California, Berkeley.

Doug possesses significant senior level international business experience as CFO, then CEO and President, of Asia Development Corporation, active in both Asia and the Middle East; President and CEO of Greenwich Corporation, an investment banking and project management firm, as well as President and CEO of Conundrum Capital, an investment banking firm that specializes in European bank debt instruments.

As an investment banker, Doug has capitalized, launched and provided leadership for the growth of over 15 start-up firms. He has conducted business on every continent, except Antarctica.

Arising from his senior leadership background in the finance and investment banking world, Doug is able to bring a wealth of insight into the hiring practices of various verticals within this sector. His background within the local political arena, as Mayor of Sausalito, California ensures that he is able to build successful working relationships and utilize highly developed communication skills with diverse communities.

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