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Flora Moxon - Coach

Flora Moxon

Flora’s career in international Human Resources and Career Development spans three decades, four continents and many more countries, including China, the USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Belgium and the UK.

Through broad exposure to the business and corporate world, she has developed a deep understanding and insight into the culture, working practices and expectations of large international companies. Early on in her career, Flora was responsible for recruiting over 500 graduates and young professionals in Shanghai whilst at Portman Company as their Human Resources Manager. Thereafter, Flora spent over 13 years at American International Group (AIG), working in senior talent management roles and moving internationally several times. Her final position in the company was Global Head of Senior Leadership Development and Organizational Design, based in the company’s global headquarters in New York. Living and working in the US enriched her knowledge of US business culture and hiring practices.

She then went on to work for other companies and organisations, including Munich Re and International Airlines Group (IAG).

During her years at the forefront of international business, Flora has managed graduate and leadership development programs, recruited university graduates and Masters students and coached them to develop their professional skills and achieve their career goals. She has enjoyed working with eager and ambitious Mandarin Consulting candidates since 2016, developing their global competencies and supporting many to launch exciting careers in a broad diversity of companies.