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Guy Cabeke - Coach

Guy Cabeke

UK Based

Guy is a truly experienced business professional having worked in a variety of corporate fields over the last 35 years. Having started his career at Alexander Proudfoot International, a management consultancy firm, he then went on to found his own European consulting firm. After 6 years at the helm of his own company, he moved on to large scale multi-national corporations, in leading positions from Vice President of Business Development to Chief Operating Officer.

Guy’s impressive CV includes such names as Blockbuster Video Entertainment, Procelanite Inc., AMPCO International, Baltimore Spice Inc., REL Consultancy Group and The Highland Group. Holding such high-level Executive positions has granted Guy access to the beating heart of international business and global trade. His experience ranges from selling in excess of £40 million of Consultancy Services to ‘C Suite’ level Executives in the US, Canada, Europe and Mexico, to managing all operations of a £100 million US multi-plant spice manufacturing company. He is a dual citizen of Belgium and the US and speaks French and Spanish fluently. Mandarin Consulting candidates are very fortunate to have the opportunity of learning from such a qualified and experienced business leader.