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Mark Davies

Mark has 20 years of experience in supporting and developing young people for global careers. He has worked with some of the world’s leading universities, business schools, and companies, such as Imperial College London, University College Dublin, and Meta.

Mark has a deep understanding of the factors that lead to success in the global employment market and the recruitment practices that affect students and graduates. He has coached many of them at different stages in the UK and Europe, helping them overcome the cross-cultural challenges they face, and develop the personal skills they need to succeed.

Mark has demonstrated his leadership skills by building and managing teams in various settings, requiring a high level of cross cultural, team and communication skills. He alsoserved on an NGO project as Operations Director for the UK Government’s ‘Your Life’ campaign, where he managed the central team and reported to the Chair and sponsors. He hascoached many Executive MBA students at UCD, who advanced to senior positions within their employers.

Mark has established strong relationships with leading international investment banks, asset managers, and consultancies, such as Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, BCG, PwC, EY, Fidelity, Blackrock, and JP Morgan. He has also expanded his knowledge of the tech sector, as a recruiter for Meta and Sand Technologies, and as a career coach for software engineers at Microverse.

Mark is committed to personal development and professional growth. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate (Merit) in ‘Careers Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education’ from the University of Warwick. He also has family in China and has visited there several times, learning about the culture and the opportunities.

Mark is eager to use his experience to help our candidates build personal skills for life and identify and communicate their value to employers, landing great jobs and building even better careers!