Cross-cultural Career Coaching

Cross-cultural Career Coaching Packages

Package Comparison Table

Gold Platinum Diamond
First Step Coaching
• Workshop
• Career Planning
• Competency Coaching
• Resume Coaching
Next Steps Coaching
• 8 Application Revisions
• Phone Interview Coaching
• Face-to-Face Interview Coaching
• Assessment Center Coaching
Basic Application Skills Coaching (14 Hours)
• Basic Application Skills Coaching
• Researching Job Opening Opportunities
• Motivational Questions
• Key Competencies Questions
• Commercial Awareness-Related Questions
• General Questions
• Improving Communication Skills (Spoken and Written English)
• Planning for the Interview Process & Other Areas
Professional Development Coaching (12 hours)
• Understanding American International Company Values
• Organizational Structures – How They Function
• How the Key Areas of a Company Operate and Co-Operate
• Teamwork
• Networking
• Fostering Internal Relationships and Understanding Office Politics
• Common Challenges When Beginning a New Job
• How Your Performance Will Be Evaluated
• The Art Of Communicating Effectively
• Work/Life Balance
• Professionalism, Business and Social Awareness
Professional Insight Coaching (12 hours)
• Leadership and Management
• Important Tools in the Workplace
• Basic Accounting and Financial Skills
• Sales and Marketing Concepts
• Operations
• Career Self-Development
• Business Etiquette
• Entrepreneurial Spirit and Skills
• Combining Business with Social Situations
• Cultural Awareness in Business Settings
• Communicating Externally
• Awkward Moments and Inappropriate Behavior
• Managing the Trade-offs Between Professional and Personal Life