Career Progression Coaching

Career Progression Coaching Packages

A program of cross-cultural coaching delivered by expert Western Coaches for clients wishing to become global business leaders. These packages support ambitious professionals who are already in a job and who aspire to achieve their career goals.

Gold Plus
Coaching Hours: 60 hours
In addition to coaches' preparation time of 10 hours
Silver Plus
Coaching Hours: 40 hours
In addition to coaches' preparation time of 5 hours

Career success

Achieving your career goals and ambitions brings you a huge sense of accomplishment and success. It is a further step towards becoming a global elite, a future business leader. The road to achieving your potential also brings many demands and challenges. Overcoming these difficulties adds to your personal sense of achievement and gives you the confidence and skills to stand out, to succeed further and to thrive.

On the path to success:

  • You need to build a deep understanding of the role and company
  • You need to deal competently with all the day-to-day issues that arise
  • You need to build strong working relationships and to network and socialize effectively
  • You need to understand the company’s values and demonstrate all the personal strengths and skills required by the company
  • You may question whether you are doing things right
  • You may feel isolated or unsure
  • You may look for support in planning your next career steps
  • You want to progress quickly yet find you have much to learn
  • You want to perform well and stand out
  • You want to show initiative and leadership potential
  • You may want someone to turn to for reliable advice or with whom you can talk things through
  • Our Career Progression Coaching provides the ideal support and expertise you require to achieve success in your career and to meet your career objectives and personal goals.

Career Progression Coaching provides the ideal support and expertise for you to achieve your career and personal goals.

Our coaching offers to you

Our coaching supports anyone who is already working and is interested in how to progress and succeed in an international company, based on Western values, and who would like to become a global elite. Our coaching will be tailored specially to your needs. It will cover the kinds of issues you are facing and how to overcome them successfully. It will include how to perform well in your role and move to the next role, how to make the most of your potential and stand out. It will build your ability to operate successfully in an international company. It will answer your questions and address any uncertainties, allowing you to remain con dent and achieve success.

Our coaching will offer advice to those thinking about their longer-term career goals and career progression outside their existing company, including aspirations to become a global elite.  Our coaches can help you progress more quickly towards your goals, help you best position yourself for a career or job change. They can discuss with you the timing for such a move and advise how you can develop your skills and experience and strengthen your resume for a career with another international organization. Your coach will be able to support you to resolve problems, talk through your ideas and concerns and understand what is expected of you. Your coach will work with you to make the most of opportunities and create the success you want. Your coach can support you to put in place a plan of the best actions to take and further support you as you carry these out.

Our Coaching Team

Our Coaches are a large team of skilled Western professionals with all the business, corporate and management experience needed to support you.

Our Coaches are senior-level professionals and executives who have themselves achieved career success in many industries, including: Banking, Finance, HR, Marketing, Accounting and others. All have worked in Western international firms using English as their first language.

They are dedicated, highly skilled and knowledgeable about Western business culture and practices. Most have lived and worked in several countries. They have in-depth, first-hand experience of working in a commercial environment and know what makes individuals successful in their careers.

Career Progression Coaching package content and outline

Our Career Progression Coaching package is a program of coaching and skills development. This package is for employees who have just started working or have been in a role for some time. Our packages allow you to set up regular coaching sessions with your coach, building your knowledge, abilities and confidence over a period of time and giving you access to a trusted coach who will support you in your role and advise you with how you can advance your career both inside and outside your present company.

Our Career Progression Coaching package contains:

  • 1 to 1 Career Progression Coaching with our experienced Coaches, tailored to your individual needs
  • A supportive working partnership with your Coach
  • The opportunity to work with one Coach or several different Coaches as part of your package
  • On-going coaching over many months, building up your knowledge, understanding and skills
  • The opportunity to make the most of the potential you have
  • The opportunity to understand deeply and embed Western values
  • The ability to meet company performance criteria
  • A confidential platform for you to discuss ideas and concerns and the best way forward
  • The opportunity to talk through in detail what is bothering you in your role or more widely and find solutions
  • Support with applications for a different role, either internally or with a different organization
  • Faster career progression and better performance at work

Topics within our Career Progression Coaching packages will be discussed individually and will be tailored to the specific situations or challenges you are facing. This will give you the individual support you need. Each topic may require several hours of coaching. Download Career Progression Program Information Pack to view typical topics.