The Elite Package

The journey to becoming a global elite is a long yet exciting one. It is important to start early to ensure success!

Although young people growing up in China possess many great attributes, due to a cultural knowledge gap about what it takes to succeed internationally, many who would like to embark on a global career may not achieve what they are capable of in their academic and professional lives without proper guidance.

Mandarin Consulting’s Global Elite Coaching will enable ambitious and hard-working young aspiring global elites to embark on a journey of international success from an early age!


Our coaching offer to Elite Package candidates:

Our coaching includes:

  • 1 to 1 Personal Coaching
  • Unlimited Interview coaching

Please note that the coaching can start any time before the student arrives abroad.  The basic principle is that the earlier the student starts, the more well-equipped s/he will be to launch their journey of international success.

Parents are also welcome to participate in our free webinars, in which we share useful information about great opportunities for Chinese abroad. Please also refer to our information pack to become acquainted with the broad range of critical, general career coaching topics that are included in these comprehensive programs for younger students.


Our coaching team

Our coaches are experienced, seasoned Western professionals who have themselves achieved academic and career success in their chosen industry or industries.  Their richly successful lives and lengthy professional careers enable them to provide the most valuable coaching possible to young ambitious candidates.


The Elite Coaching package content and outline

Our packages can include coaching on the following topics:

  • Building the correct, long-term mindset toward the new opportunities ahead
  • Building adequately-strong English language skills so as to enjoy life abroad
  • Acquiring essential knowledge of Western culture
  • Preparing for and adapting to study within a foreign country
  • Guidance around settling into school and university life abroad
  • Developing and displaying both personal and professional confidence
  • Staying motivated and demonstrating focus
  • Developing study, time management and organizational skills
  • Support with everyday situations and challenges while abroad
  • Managing new study methods and broader aspects of academic life
  • Guidance on devising and executing career plans, goals and objectives
  • Building self-awareness and engaging in self-discovery, including understanding strengths and areas for growth
  • Learning to form and share individual opinions, while making decisions in a new environment
  • Identifying and making the most of opportunities within a university setting, within the local community and within the country of residence
  • Building a strong professional profile through volunteer work and other extracurricular activities
  • Developing leadership, teamwork, communication and other key transferable and “soft” skills
  • Becoming comfortable with Western professional expectations surrounding initiative and innovation
  • Making friends and socializing
  • Mastering Western social etiquette
  • Becoming commercially aware
  • Developing resilience
  • Receiving and acting on feedback
  • Dealing with anxieties and concerns
  • Establishing a support network
  • Finding time for self-care, rest and renewal
  • Addressing any other individual needs
  • Incorporating a continuous-learning mindset into one’s life
  • In additional to the above topics, young candidates will receive guidance covering other general career coaching topics, both as and when the coach believes it appropriate for specific student. Please refer to our information pack for more details about some of these general career coaching topics.