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Cherry Yang - Marketing. Job

I am Cherry Yang, I have just got a job offer from a leading Chinese company’s UK office as Marketing Director. I am very excited about this new job as this job offers me what I have always wanted from a job. It also offers a very attractive salary which is always a bonus.

I have some years’ work experience in China and in the UK in management, marketing and accountancy.

The first time I learnt of Mandarin Consulting was from Chinese London Times nearly two years ago. That was the time I learnt about Carrie from the newspaper. I was very happy about the services they supply which builds bridges between Chinese graduates and decent potential employers in the UK. When I read the newspaper I was not only attracted by the successful cases but also by their professional team.

When you are looking for job, sometimes it is quite frustrating and depressing. Then you desperately want to know and see where your hope lies. My suggestion is that MC knows the UK market very well, let them know you better. So it will save you time in your job hunting. From preparing a CV to getting ready for the second day interview, the support from them is enormous. The layout of the CV is perfect and the information is more intense. Therefore you will get more opportunities than anyone else.

After you got your CV done, that does not mean you will have chance to get interview immediately. Especially under this recession economic climate, the market is very competitive.

Over all, I would like to share my thoughts, which are:
 First and most important is confidence. Make sure you know yourself and your potential employer well. Trust yourself and keep telling yourself you are the one of the best.
 Second, take every detail seriously and show your keenness and determination. All these effort will contribute to your future success.
 Third, use the skills you have learnt from the session on your interview. Do your homework before your interview.
 Finally, know exactly what your potential employer is looking for and give them the answers they seek to impress them.