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Dean Zheng - Investment Bank. Internship

After finished my Masters’ degree in university, I came down to London hoping to find a job here. Like others, I start my job hunting and applied for Graduate Scheme from large institutions. I failed in my applications. The underlying reason was that I was not familiar with the application procedure and had only vague ideas of what employers were looking for. I basically had no strategy and only limited application skills and knowledge.

However, I was lucky because I spotted an advertisement for a career fair in the newspaper. By attending it, I got to know about Mandarin Consulting. Their career adviser listened carefully to my application experience and gave me very proper advice. It helped me to realize that successful applicants require strong job hunting skills. I always thought your degree and background would determine what kind of job you can get. But the truth is that application skills are, at least, equally important.

Mandarin Consulting has a very structured procedure to help you boost your employability in a very short time. In the early stage, my career adviser approached me proactively to discuss my situation, helped me set up my plan and pushed me to improve my efforts. They tailored a suitable program for me. In the early stages, they gave me an intensive lecture introducing the most efficient way of job hunting in UK. It gave a clear “big picture” and I was able to set my strategy and prioritize my tasks. My CV and cover letters were revised and polished by one of their professional Coaches. More importantly, career consultants help to prepare you before you attend interviews. I remember they ask to suit up to attend mock interviews conducted by them. It was the most effective way to practice you interview skills, which can’t do by yourself. After the mock interviews, they gave me very wise suggestions from how to better answer competency questions, making small talk with interviewers, to sitting posture in order to look professional.

Finally, I secured an internship from a prestigious financial institution. But I feel regret for not using Mandarin Consulting earlier.