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HGZ - Multinational Company. GS

Before I joined Mandarin Consulting’s training programme, I only got a few telephone interview opportunities from small British companies and job agencies. I didn’t secure any position due to lack of job hunting strategy, interview skills and understanding of British business and culture. As a result, I received countless rejection letters from UK employers. That really hit my courage and self-confidence to continue job hunting in the UK.

Fortunately, I learnt about Mandarin Consulting by chance and joined their training programme last year. I have received tailor-made training from MC and started to apply to large international companies in the UK. At the beginning of the programme, I was trained to write effective and competitive CV and application forms. It lays a very good foundation for the following stages of job applications. Soon after, I was invited to attend face to face interviews from large multinational companies. That inspired me and reinforced my determination to get job offers in the near future. My job hunting guru, David Peckham, coached me in various interview skills and helped me build a positive mind-set along the way. From English speaking skills, body language to interview contents, he has provided extremely valuable strategic advice and very detailed suggestions to help me prepare for different companies’ interviews. He also coached me on professional behaviour and business analytical thinking, which significantly assisted in my interviews with senior management. Besides that, he helped me build strong self-confidence and a positive mind- set, which are critical and essential mental factors for job hunting. Under his patient guidance and coaching, I finally achieved my first interview and assessment centre successes in the UK.