Success Stories

Case studies

Kay Dong - GS

I heard about Mandarin Consulting from my boyfriend. As he got an internship quickly, I believed this organisation could within a short period also help me get some experience.

After talking with some of your staff and confirming that there were positions available for me, I decided to join your programme. My initial objective was clearly to get an internship while applying for new jobs. Now I also wanted to make good use of the coaching sessions to improve the possibility of getting a job.

The biggest problem for me was and is to get through the assessment centre, the group activities in particular. Coach David helped me get more sense of what to do during an assessment centre and taught me some strategies to deal with different situations..

In terms of job applications in the UK, I would say firstly you have to be very confident at every stage of the application process. Secondly, make sure you know what to expect during an interview or assessment day and be well-prepared. Lastly, the job market is really bad these days, so keep positive and be patient. Be prepared to start a long-term process.