Success Stories


LL -

Dear Mr Peter Ward, I’m happy to have you as my coach

I have ten personal coach sessions left, I hope I can have the chance to ask you to be my personal coach for the rest time.

How I hope all coaches are like you Peter.

Thank you so much for you encouragement Peter!! You are a very good Coach!!! how I can be such lucky!

I passed the phone interview this morning! Thank you so much for your help!!!!

I have processed to Accessment center! I got the email just now! And you r the first one knowing this besides me!!!

I got the KPMG phone interview next Monday. And I just know that you are my coach this time

Thank you so much for today’s amazing session or sessions (if you want lol)!! It is the first time I feel truly happy in my mind. And it is do helpful to me! Give me a lot of encouragement and guidance both academically and practically!

You really really help me a lot especially this is what I desperately need now!!!!!!