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Y Jiang - EY. GS

I am emailing you to show my great appreciation to you regarding the offer I got of a 12 month part-time contract.

This company was recruiting during Christmas, but I did not know what I needed to do to get an offer. Therefore, I failed the first time I applied to them. Since you taught me about application skills, CV and online tests, I knew that the test they required me to do was a situational judgement test. After better understanding and more practice, I tried again this summer. However, it took them a long time to make a decision (17 days). I was nearly disappointed and thinking maybe I would just try again.

Fortunately, I got a call from them and was invited to the interview. I also had other issues to deal with and I was so panicked. But Mandarin Consulting team provided me with thorough guidance for the interview in time. I cannot appreciate your coaching more. Finally, I succeeded this time.

I also appreciate how Mandarin Consulting team mentored me. For example, you helped me a few times with one issue, such as writing a cover letter. Then you encouraged me to deal with the same issue on my own, after you felt I could do it correctly. Instead of just giving me a fish, you also taught me how to fish. I do like the method that you teach me to be an independent and confident person with multiple skills.