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David Walters

David was a British Diplomat having spent over 30 years with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. David worked in 19 different countries including the North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. (USA, Germany, New Zealand, China, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, The Yemen, Ukraine, Colombia and elsewhere).

David has managed and led teams of all cultures, religions and backgrounds in every continent of the world. As Head of Corporate Services around the world, he has managed budgets of millions, staff of dozens and the careers of many.

Globally, David has worked with The United Nations, the British Council, The Royal Household, MI5 and MI6, the European Union, Department for International Development and the BBC. Some of the commercial bodies were ISS Facilities Services Providers, Sheraton Hotels, Coca-Cola and AEGIS Security Services.

David worked a number of years in the US where he was responsible for working with a number of NGOs and commercial companies in promoting Britain’s interests in dealing with the seven South Easterly States of; Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee. He worked closely on various projects with the Governor of Florida in Tallahassee, the FBI in Tampa and the commercial office in Miami.

In recent years, David also provided Business Practice training to multinational corporations such as: HSBC, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, FedEx, Warner Music, Prudential Financial, PWC and Philip Morris in Taiwan.

David is a Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO), he was also awarded numerous prestigious awards for his contribution in the diplomatic services. David also has CELTA qualification in Teaching English and he speaks Mandarin