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Our Culture and Leadership

“From day one when I founded Mandarin Consulting in 2007, I wanted to change young people’s lives by providing the most effective cross-cultural career coaching to young Chinese students. During the last few decades in China, many people’s lives have changed for the better. At Mandarin Consulting we continue to improve young people’s lives through helping them to start and build their international careers”.

Carrie Waley, CEO

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Developing Leaders

All staff at Mandarin Consulting are encouraged and equipped to have the mindset of being forward-thinking leaders, to bring breakthrough results and to overcome challenges on the job. Learning opportunities are targeted and specifically designed to be valuable at different levels of experience and towards creating a unique culture of leadership behavior and competency that is integrated into all facets of the business.



Jobs & Careers

Global Career Counselor


“Mandarin Consulting is a place that allows you to learn and improve everyday. We respect and support each other, and we work as a family.”

Sunny Xu, Global Career Counselor and Team leader





“I really enjoy working in such an energetic and creative office dynamic! With all the help from the team and executive, every day I learn a lot.”

Toni Li, Senior Global Career Counselor





“Mandarin Consulting has opened my eyes to how knowledge and skills play important roles in people’s career developments, and it has allowed me to connect with many professionals in a variety of fields. Now I have a better vision of what direction I should lead my students to go, as well as the steps I need to take to begin moving in that direction.”

Zachary Wang, Global Career Counselor and Team leader



“Working at MC is addictive! Decent location, professional work environment, strong teamwork spirit, valuable training session, powerful competitive advantages, organized system, etc. Most importantly, both MC’s mission and vision match my perspectives closely. Such a big pride being a part to see how MC changes peoples’ lives effectively and positively! I feel like I am doing a great thing with great love in a great way! Follow your passion, find your place!”

Tiffany Yang, Global Career Counselor





“The workforce is exceptional! I’m surrounded by smart, motivated, hard-working, tenacious people. It is very invigorating to work in this environment. I’m required to bring my very best to work every day to keep up with the pace and that brings out great things in me. I have learned and developed a lot in this environment. ”

Rachel Chen, Marketing Specialist





“I have had amazing opportunities to develop my career in HR and Personal Development, from working in graduate recruitment to experienced hire recruitment and then into core HR as well as training and development.”

Wenyi Zhou, HR Officer


Program Management

“Mandarin Consulting pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and continues to encourage me to further develop myself as a leader, but also a team player. The experience of being able to collaborate with my colleagues at many different levels, on a global scale, is what I enjoy most when working at MCI. Not only do I also get to take on new responsibilities, but I can also take part in inspiring new changes to occur.”

Sharon Lau, Program Manager



Rewards and Benefits

You will receive a wealth of opportunities, benefits, programs and policies to help you succeed in all elements of your life, and to recognize and reward the value you bring to our business. And on top of developing your career, we will pay attention to the way you work, your compensation and your benefits.

On 9th February 2018, Mandarin Consulting launched the new 2018 Academy Training Online Program, for all employees at Mandarin Consulting. This innovative series of live, interactive training webinars delivered by members of our dedicated and professional Coaching Team, focuses on developing and enhancing key staff skills.

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