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Our Mission is to Change Lives:

We enable ambitious Chinese students and graduates to launch and progress their international careers effectively. We help them to enter top-tier global firms where Chinese elite executives operate.

We are:

  • The Global Elite Coaching industry leader, arguably offering the most comprehensive and effective career enhancement service for Chinese students and graduates in the world.  
  • A company of dedicated and experienced Western professionals with multi-industry experience, engaged in expert coaching. 
  • Supported with bilingual Chinese professionals with an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs. 
  • Strategically based in the UK, US and China, providing worldwide coaching assistance. 
  • Proud of our highly successful track record of helping thousands of clients.  

Client Benefits:

  • Enhance your career prospects and launch a successful career as a future global elite.
  • Understand Western international companies’ recruitment and selection processes and thinking. 
  • Bridge cultural differences to achieve effective communication and connection. 
  • Leverage a Chinese background as a competitive advantage and strength to compete in the international job market. 
  • Experience 1-2-1 coaching by highly experienced Western coaches to address learning areas, build your skills and develop techniques to succeed. 
  • Learn to be at ease and communicate effectively with Westerners. 
  • Discover and make the most of your personal strengths, talents, interests and abilities. 
  • Strategically plan personal career goals based on skills and interests to make the optimal career choice for you. 
  • Learn to demonstrate passion, motivation, confidence, commercial awareness, critical thinking and key competencies throughout the recruitment process. 
  • Get the help and support needed to transition from a student to a working professional. 
  • Benefit from unlimited 1-2-1 interview and Assessment Center coaching in all our career coaching packages. 
  • Develop more advanced recruitment, professional and business skills, including optional entrepreneurial skills coaching, in our flagship Diamond Plus package.




About Mandarin Consulting:

Mandarin Consulting is the Global Elite Coaching industry leader, arguably offering the most comprehensive and effective cross-cultural career enhancement service for Chinese students and graduates in the world. Our highly experienced Western coaches have helped thousands of ambitious Chinese students and graduates to secure positions in top-tier global firms. Strategically based in the UK, US and China, Mandarin Consulting provides worldwide coaching assistance, enabling our clients to succeed in the highly competitive, global job market for internships and post-graduate employment and aspire to become global elites. For more information about Mandarin Consulting, please visit us at www.mciworldwide.co.uk, www.mciworldwide.com, or www.mcilcn.com.

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Through our expertise and global networks Mandarin Consulting is working with Christ’s Hospital school to enable more young people to have a world-class education and develop essential skills for successful careers.

Partnering to create life-changing educational opportunities for young people.


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