Diamond Plus package
A fully comprehensive and intensive program of coaching to meet company recruitment requirements, with the option of Entrepreneurial Skills or further advanced professional coaching and skills development
Diamond package
In-depth coverage and extensive skills practice to support recruitment success, plus the opportunity to enhance personal skills and to gain the business insights needed for the recruitment process
Platinum package
Advanced skills building for the recruitment process and to enhance personal performance and professional development including networking and business awareness

Package Comparison Table

Diamond Plus Package Diamond Package Platinum Package
Unlimited Interview and Assessment Center Coaching 2 years 2 years
First Step Coaching
• First Step Workshop
• First Step Documents
Resume Coaching
One-to-one Personal Coaching - Job Application Skills 50 hours 38 hours 26 hours
• Coaching Plan
• Career Planning and the US Job Searching Process
• Networking
• Research
• Application Forms and Cover Letters
• Online Test Skills
• Interview Questions
• Confidence
• Other Essential Preparation
One-to-one Personal Coaching - Assessment Center Coaching
One-to-one Personal Coaching - Professional Development Coaching
• Demonstrating Fit with Company Values
• Communicating Effectively
• Being a Strong Team Player
• Developing Leadership and Management Skills and Potential
• Having a Questioning Attitude and Intellectual Curiosity
• Enhancing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Skills
• Demonstrating Work-life Balance
• Demonstrating Resilience
• Developing Strong Time Management Skills
One-to-one Personal Coaching - Professional Insight Coaching
• Understanding Western Organizational Structures
• Understanding Company Vision and Strategy
• Enhancing Job-specific Knowledge
• Understanding Performance Development
• Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility
• Developing Technical Skills
• Developing Good Professional Business Etiquette
• Increasing Your Presence and Impact
• Building Your Professional Profile
• Finding Solutions
One-to-one Personal Coaching – Option of Entrepreneurial Skills or Further Advanced Professional Coaching and Skills Development - Entrepreneurial Skills Coaching consists of 3 parts
• Plan - Preparing for a successful business launch
• Build – Starting a business in practice
• Operate - Managing and growing a business successfully