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31.12.22 Today’s Insights into Compliance Careers, from Indeed and Ziprecruiter

31.12.22 Today’s Insights into Compliance Careers, from Indeed and Ziprecruiter
Dear Students,


Have you ever thought about working in the field of Compliance? According to Grand View Research, this critical function is expected to grow by nearly 14% between 2023 and 2030. Its expansion is attributable to the diverse benefits of implementing EGRC (Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance)[measures], which include: stability, optimization, transparency, reduced costs, and consistency, among others.” 


Grand View’s Market Analysis report also highlights how companies like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP have each recently developed “solutions” with distinctly unique aspects, an evolution which has “resulted in a wide range of products [for managing compliance] in the market.”


As you will read in the first article below, there is/are a variety of career options within the Compliance arena. Compliance-focused young professionals like you can begin your journey within business, healthcare, food or environmental protection, among others. Aspiring Compliance experts, (perhaps you or fellow international students?) may also identify opportunities within government agencies, NGOs (nonprofit organizations that operate independently of any government, typically those whose purpose is to address a social or political issue) and within the IT and Human Resources functions. Financial services represent another huge area of opportunity, with “governmental regulations [designed] to protect investors [increasing], with the intent of ensuring that markets are fair, efficient and transparent. These regulations also seek to reduce system risk and financial crime…,” according to Investopedia.


While a less-often considered option among the career choices of ambitious international students like you, Compliance roles nonetheless ought to be explored by individuals seeking a meaningful, rigorous and intellectually-challenging (yet less “visible”) professional path. The two articles below represent a good starting point for you and your peers in 2023!