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21.06.2023 Today’s Insights on Writing Careers in English, from the Muse

21.06.2023 Today’s Insights on Writing Careers in English, from the Muse
Dear Students,
Are you an ambitious international student with great writing skills…in English? Do you enjoy responding to short survey questions with long answers, just to see how many interesting words you can include in your essays? How about those of you who are very confident you will succeed in identifying plum global business roles long after ChatGPT subsumes the careers of your colleagues?
If so, there are definitely careers to be built, even for non-native English speakers like you with strong written English communication skills, persistence and creativity. Inherent in the options profiled within the article below, of course, is that more than great wordsmithing is needed to succeed in an English-based writing-oriented career. Beyond a useful level of content knowledge (whether marketing, scientific or otherwise), promotable candidates like you – no surprise here – also boast a range of power skills including verbal communication, initiative, innovation, organizational skills and time management, as close collaboration with others is often expected in writing roles.
In addition to such “price of entry” skills, aspiring writing professionals like you also need to master competencies similar to those suitable for entering more technical careers, specifically critical thinking, analytical ability, problem-solving and resilience. Because communications careers involve so much, well, communication, even a writing-focused trajectory requires a new hire to be effective in interacting with a range of professionals from diverse backgrounds (many with impactful, well-expressed opinions), commercial awareness, agility to change course quickly and the ability to manage the inevitable dissent that arises from weighing how to best present distinct views.
As one would expect, candidates like you, who are seeking such roles, also need to hone and continually work to perfect your expertise in English, in a variety of ways.
Because of this hefty array of “power” skills, ambitious international students like you, who are eager to try your hand in an English-driven writing-oriented career, can greatly benefit from our MC program and experienced coaches, who have demonstrated during their career progression how to apply these abilities within corporate and broader settings. Given the rapid adoption and dynamically-changing nature of generative AI/large language models, coaches can also help candidates like you, who may find your actual “writing time” diminished in the future, yet who are nonetheless pursuing such fields, to recognize the value of honing critical skills on the front end and back end of the writing process, (including careful target audience definition and analysis, strategic messaging and detailed editing of automated text, for example).
Still, for those of us who love to write, careers leveraging the written word will continue to be a compelling draw. Perhaps some of you feel this way, too?