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05.07.2023 Today’s Peek into 2023 AI-Focused Career Opportunities, from AI Magazine

05.07.2023 Today’s Peek into 2023 AI-Focused Career Opportunities, from AI Magazine
Dear Students,
Let’s address the elephant in the room: In case you’ve been wondering, AI will soon be part of your next position and certainly your career, which is great news!
While the list of opportunities in the article below will likely evolve significantly in the upcoming months and years, AI Magazine’s “first crack” at sharing AI careers is not a bad place for ambitious international students like you, who may be passionate about machine learning, neural networks, etc., to begin assessing AI-focused roles.
Now comes the quiz:
Q: Besides a focus on AI, what do all of these positions have in common?
A: They all require well-developed power skills!
For example, meaningful impact and success in such careers requires strong competency in:
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Collaborating with others, necessitating the ability to benefit from diversity and manage conflict
  • Understanding how to work with colleagues and superiors in various roles, leveraging teamwork and leadership
  • Ability to partner effectively with both technical and business professionals to innovate, necessitating agility, flexibility and receptivity to “out of one’s comfort zone” approaches
  • Patience and listening skills in coordinating with teammates from extremely different backgrounds, and perhaps with different first languages, at times cross-functionally and/or across borders, enlisting commercial awareness
  • Analysis, using analytical competency to initially identify business issues that need to be solved and then to break problems down into their component parts for resolution
  • Innovation, to identify novel ways to utilize AI tools and techniques to simplify, enhance or extend data-intensive programs
  • Initiative, to actively present new opinions and fresh hypotheses
  • Influence and persuasion to build teams and garner financial support needed for executing a vision
…and others

Since our Mandarin Consulting coaches consistently highlight the increasing value of such abilities for aspiring international talent like you, students pursuing these AI-related fields (and also graduates targeting non-technically-focused paths, perhaps like some of your friends) will be well-prepared to navigate workplaces in which you’ll be expected to conduct excellent and even pioneering projects.
This AI Magazine article also includes some wonderful videos about what AI careers for young talent actually look like. We encourage ambitious international students like you to check them out!
Our coaches suggest that you build the critical skills above, to get a jump on what Bill Gates has described as “…the most revolutionary technology he has seen in decades, on par with computers, cellphones and the internet.” (per the Wall Street Journal)
(For more on how Bill Gates envisions AI, please see another fascinating article here: