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10.08.2023 Today’s Inspiration from LinkedIn: Why 21 Highly-successful People Have Had Coaches

10.08.2023 Today’s Inspiration from LinkedIn: Why 21 Highly-successful People Have Had Coaches
Dear Students,
Have you ever heard the saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” For ambitious international students like you, who are seeking ways to become as professionally (and personally) successful as you possibly can, the article below may prompt you to do exactly that – namely, to enlist the support, guidance and perspective of a coach (just as these 21 highly-successful individuals did) to foist you to new heights and help you to achieve your most ambitious goals.
What makes coaching so helpful for young professionals like you, who have already distinguished yourself in one or more areas? As highlighted in the article above, it’s clear that coaching provides a host of benefits, including:
  • Seeing yourself as others see you (rather than how you may think they are seeing you)
  • Receiving feedback that you may not receive from others (to provide new insight and perspectives on the effectiveness of what you do and how you interact)
  • Bolstering self-confidence (to counteract the “negative self-talk” through which many of us, especially women, second-guess ourselves)
  • Stretching your capabilities to the furthest they can go (vs. the furthest you’d previously believed they could go)
  • Enlisting loyalty and/or commitment to an organization, mission or cause meaningful to you
  • Reminding you that even when things go awry, you can choose to respond positively to the challenge
  • Leading you back to the self-confidence to set big dreams, to innovate, to the passion to follow a vision, to the value of detail orientation while doing so, to the importance of “being present” and to the need to stay current
  • Offering an objective “outside-in” view from a non-emotional viewpoint
  • Spurring already-successful individuals, like you, to think ahead, rather than resting on your laurels
  • Identifying ways to become a more thoughtful person and a more effective leader (at any level of your professional or academic career)
  • Creating urgency to keep a pulse on the constancy of change, (particularly in technology)
  • Urging you to take more risks, especially where there is a high level of ambiguity (yet potentially sweet outcomes)
  • Driving home that Every person, organization, and even society reaches a point at which they owe it to themselves to hit ‘refresh’—to reenergize, renew, reframe, and rethink their purpose
  • Collaborating with others to identify key performance indicators to improve, rallying the team to work in concert to do so and to have fun making necessary changes
  • Coaxing even confident leaders to continue to be open to developmental feedback
  • Fostering a mindset that junior-leader decision-making and coaching skills are also critical
  • Encouraging you to truly behave as a lifelong learner (and lifelong un-learner, as needed)
  • Demonstrating the human performance benefit of 1:1 interactions, for learners at all levels
  • Coming to realize that sometimes the most effective coach may be a person who asks questions to really know you
  • Challenging top performers like you to think differently and challenge yourself in new ways, to foster even greater optimal performance
…and there are many other benefits of coaching, as well.
Yet, no matter how talented our Western, experienced, sensitive, Mandarin Consulting coaches may be, the level of “success” attainable for a given student, new grad or eager intern comes down to the individual. There’s no question about the value of coaching – the only question is a person’s level of motivation. In the words of Fred Kofman, executive coach to LinkedIn Founder Jeff Weiner and trainer to thousands of other executives, “Coaching works for everyone, in every sector in life. But you need a desire to improve some aspect of your life …[for it to work].”
Why not start to reap the amazing benefits of working closely with a knowledgeable, confident personal and professional development coach today? Our Mandarin Consulting coaches are eager to have you capitalize on every coaching interaction so you can appreciate the incredible power of the relationship to be built with a trusted personal coach. Coaching is a gift that aspiring global business leaders like you will appreciate more every year, long after the holiday wrapping paper is tossed away!
Meet with your coach to create a plan for that “impossible dream” goal this evening!