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09.03.2024 Today’s Insights from What do Self-Made Millionaires Have in Common?

09.03.2024 Today’s Insights from What do Self-Made Millionaires Have in Common?
Dear Students,
Right about this time of year, even ambitious international students who feel they’ve been diligent in their job searches (you, perhaps?) may start feeling a bit frustrated. “What’s the ‘real’ shortcut to getting an internship for this summer, so I can finally stop applying to jobs?” you might find yourself begging your personal coach after yet another week of sending out a few resumes and/or contacting several university alums on LinkedIn for coffee chats.
As our experienced coaches know, though, the “secret” is that there really is no shortcut – simply the effort required to persevere, be resilient, learn from mistakes, strategically recalibrate when necessary, and “stick with the plan.” Boring? Yes. Ineffective? Not necessarily. As this Inc. article highlights, continuing to do what needs to be done, and prioritizing it on a regular basis – which often plays out among star athletes as identical daily meals, consistent sleep schedules and similar practice regimens – may be the most likely way to obtain your desired results.
As advisers to our soon-to-be-new grads (or those currently on this path), our coaches are here to remind and encourage aspiring professionals like you to keep doing what you know you need to be doing – consistently – even when the outcome is still hard to imagine (a concept which is coined, in this article, as “putting in the work).” Talent like you, who actually do so, may be happily surprised to find yourself among the wealthiest of your peers!