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21.03.2024 Today’s Insights and Inspiration from Mother Nature: Careers in the Great Outdoors

21.03.2024 Today’s Insights and Inspiration from Mother Nature: Careers in the Great Outdoors
Dear Students,
Happy first full day of Spring ! (which technically occurred at 11:06pm EDT last night, according to CBS news).
What do those of you in many parts of the country tend to think about when flowers start to bloom (along with Spring break!)? Getting outdoors, feeling the sunshine and enjoying the warmer temperatures. And, while some ambitious international students, perhaps like you, look forward to getting outside of four academic walls simply for the summer, others of you communicate to us in coaching sessions, within your MCI First Step document responses and through your resume entries just how much you’d love to be in the “great outdoors” for even longer periods…perhaps even on an ongoing basis.
“Are there really careers where I can be outside for the majority of my day?” an aspiring professional like you may wonder. Surprisingly, there are! Moreover, it’s clear from the attached resource that many options exist for doing so, requiring only the “curious explorer” in every ambitious international student – here’s looking at you! – to uncover them.
If you love the great outdoors, there are many lucrative careers that will allow you to spend your days surrounded by nature. Some of these rewarding professions include park ranger, wildlife biologist and environmental engineer. With a nature-focused career, you’ll have the opportunity not only to work in…
For more background on related careers, please see also: Federal and Regional Guide to Outdoor Occupations or Explore Careers in the Great Outdoors.
People have rediscovered the great outdoors as a place to enjoy leisure activities. And as a result, there are more career opportunities.
While some of such professional paths are even STEM-eligible, which is nice to know, our coaches always like to remind aspiring talent we’re coaching, like you and your friends, that mastery of technical skills – especially “in the wild” – will not be sufficient for long-term career fulfillment and growth. For anyone who’s spent much time outdoors, it’s clear that such careers require collaboration, teamwork, leadership and patience, not to mention curiosity and resilience, along with a continuous learning orientation. And we can’t forget the importance of critical thinking, analytical skills and problem-solving when navigating in and around the environment.
Wishing you a “well-grounded” evening!