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30.03.2024 Today’s Insights on Building Innovation and Creativity, from

30.03.2024 Today’s Insights on Building Innovation and Creativity, from
Dear Students,
A hallmark of Western culture is “newness.” Whether described as creativity, innovation, disruption, transformation or something else, it’s a key principle for global businesses who want to progress, whether through employee or revenue growth, new products, new customers and/or greater profit. As many of you may not yet realize, however, any positive change in behavior, whether corporate or personal, must be preceded by an “upgrade” of attitude, which is typically preceded by a shift in mindset.
In the quick yet powerful read below, Inc.’s “most popular columnist” Jeff Haden unpacks ways to increase the “creativity quotient” or CQ (my term) among ambitious international students like you, through ideas from which any aspiring global talent can learn. Haden’s thinking, similar to that of Adam Grant in Think Again and Jeff Bezos in the quote cited within the piece, reflects the need for you to develop the self-awareness to not only recognize and challenge your own assumptions, but even to actively seek out contrary perspectives.
Fortunately, our coaches are happy to not only guide young professionals like you in developing a personal point-of-view, which is another key Western value, but also to foster your ability to consider this individual perspective from multiple lenses, which will drive your success in working globally.
Wishing every talented student, including you, a weekend of creative exploration, even if this means simply hunting for Easter eggs alongside your Western friends! 🐰