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23.04.2024 Today’s Inspiration from – Fortune’s First Female CEO in its 95-Year History!

23.04.2024 Today’s Inspiration from – Fortune’s First Female CEO in its 95-Year History!
Dear Students,
Finally, some good news about the glass ceiling!
Fortune just named its first woman CEO – one professional among the 70% of the firm’s business and editorial workforce who are female – who’s ascended to the top role after being the 95-year-old company’s CFO and then Chief Strategy Officer.
Anastasia Nyrkovskaya joined Fortune in 2019 as finance chief and later added the role of chief strategy officer.
Anastasia Nyrkovskaya’s background proves that talented young professionals (like you) do not need to be US-raised to launch successful global careers in the US. Born in a small town outside Moscow that was “hidden from maps,” Nyrkovskaya set her sights on business early on, eventually getting an MBA. Why business? Because her parents and their friends were (really!) all rocket scientists, and she didn’t consider herself to be as smart as they (were).
As to Nyrkovskaya’s recent promotion, outgoing CEO Alan Murray credits her with “…helping to lead Fortune’s transformation into a profitable global multi-platform media company, and [she] is the right person to lead it into its second century.”  Prior to joining Fortune 5 years ago, when it first became an independent media company, Nyrkoskaya also honed her financial chops through lengthy stints in finance and accounting at NBCUniversal and KPMG, among others, after having started her career in Russia.
One takeaway for ambitious international students like you and your friends?: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to launch a successful global business career as an immigrant!
With all due apologies for the silly humor, here’s wishing you an evening that takes you to new heights!